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PCD Franchise For Injectable Range

Establishing a business venture into the pharma sector ? Begin or start with an PCD Pharma Franchise For Injectable Range. This can be a lucrative opportunity as India’s generic injectables market size reached US$ 2.4 Billion in 2022. We, at Plenum Biotech, welcome all the individuals of India looking for an injectable PCD Pharma Franchise.

As it is stated above, Injectables have a market share of over 2.4 USD in 2022 and have been growing ever since and can be a great opportunity to begin your career in the pharma sector. We are India’s top leading PCD Franchise company, using high ranking raw materials and chemical extracts to module the medicines.

There are a vast number of companies claiming to be top notch but we, at Plenum Biotech ensure you and guarantee transparency and Customer Satisfaction to enhance your business experience. We offer PCD pharma franchise for injectable range.

PCD Pharma Franchise For Injectable Range

What’s the demand for Injection Range in India?

There are several reasons which are responsible for the high demand of injections in a fast growing economy like India so investing in injectable range franchise is beneficial :1) Large Population: With a large population of over 1.3 billion people, there are more instances of diseases and medical conditions which require the use of injections for treatment or as a precaution.

2) Psychology: It’s a common assumption that injections have greater control over any disease compared to medicines.

3) Injections are recommended highly by reputed doctors and hospitals.

4) Nutrition: Injections are not only used to inject medicine to the blood cell but also can be used to inject important nutrients for faster recovery.

Hence, investing in a PCD Pharma franchise for the injectable range can be beneficial for you as it is high in demand.

Benefits of Investing in PCD Pharma Franchise For Injectable Range

1) Revenue Potential: Injectables have high profit margins compared to other forms of medicines due to limited competition

2) Advancement in Technology: This field is constantly evolving with enhancements in the drug delivery system

3) Growing demand: As discussed earlier, there is a high demand for injectables due to the high population of India and the common belief of people that injectables are the superior form of medicines that work faster than other routes.

4) Longer Product Life Cycles: Injectable products have a higher period of lifecycle as compared to oral medications. This can provide a stable revenue stream over an extended period because injectables often have a lower rate of generic competition and may enjoy exclusivity or patent protection in the PCD pharma franchise for the injectable range.

5) Clinical Collaboration: Injectable medications often require collaboration with healthcare providers, hospitals and various clinics which leads to strong relationships and partnerships,  creating opportunities for business growth and expansion in the PCD Pharma franchise for the injectable range.

About Injectables

Types of Injections (based on routes of administration):

1) Intramuscular (IM): In this route, medication is directly injected into the muscle. The main locations where it can be injected are the muscles of the upper arm,  the vastus lateralis muscle in the thigh, and the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks. IM injections are also used for vaccines, antibiotics, and certain medications by people.

2) Subcutaneous (SC): Injections are given in the layer just below the skin. This route is commonly used for administering insulin and for hormonal therapy.

3) Intradermal (ID):  Injections are given on the top layer of the skin in this case. Commonly done for allergy testing.

4) Intravenous (IV): It involves delivering medicine directly into the veins. This method should only be practiced by trained health professionals due to the potential risks involved.

5) Others:  Intrathecal Injection, Intra-articular Injection, Intracardiac Injections.

Why do people choose us as the PCD Pharma Franchise For Injectable Range in India?

  • Plenum Biotech is an ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified company.
  • At Plenum Biotech, injections for manufacturing are reasonably priced.
  • We deliver injections on time because “Time is Money”.
  • At Plenum Biotech, we ensure the top-notch designs and a pleasing appearance.
  • An Attractive promotional material was provided to all the associates.
  • We offer exclusive monopoly rights to our partners.
  • We provide huge profit margins for better revenue at injectable range franchise
  • Our company has a well-connected distribution channel throughout India.
  • Here you will get injectables including other pharma products at fair-minded prices .


Plenum Biotech. has climbed the ladder to the top for offering Injectables PCD Pharma franchise. We are ISO, GMP, and WHO-certified companies offering huge profit margins, on-time delivery, exclusive monopoly rights, and products at reasonable prices at pharma franchise for injectable range for the best experience. We aim to provide superior quality ingredients free from any side effects at affordable prices. The state of the art machinery unit and vast staff helps us to cater to bulk demands from our customers. Start your journey with Plenum Biotech and unlock your potential for growth and financial independence in the PCD pharma franchise for the injectable range.