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Racecadotril 30 mg Tablets | Plentril

Racecadotril 30 mg Tablets | Plentril

Product Description

What is Racecadotril Tablets?

Racecadotril 30 mg Tablets belong to the group of medicines known as antidiarrheals and used in children for the treatment of acute diarrhoea (sudden onset of three or more loose stools per day or lasting less than 14 days).It can be offered as an adjunctive therapy when conventional treatment for acute diarrhoea is ineffective. This type of watery diarrhoea is mainly caused by the virus known as “viral gastroenteritis” and in children this diarrhoea is caused by “rotavirus”. It is completely safe to buy a racecadotril tablet 30 mg from at the genuine price in India.

Uses of Racecadotril 30 mg tablet

Racecadotril is a medication that is used in treating acute diarrhoea in children and adults. Here are some of the uses:

  • Diarrhoea: Racecadotril tablet is primarily indicated for the treatment of acute diarrhoea in children and works by inhibiting the enzyme enkephalinase and increases the level in the intestine. Enkephalins are peptides which regulate fluid and electrolyte balance in the intestines thereby reducing diarrhoea.
  • Reduction of Fluid Loss: By reducing the excessive fluid loss associated with diarrhoea, racecadotril 30 mg tablet helps in preventing dehydration that is especially crucial in children who are more prone to dehydration.
  • Symptom Management: It helps alleviate symptoms of diarrhoea such as frequent bowel movements, watery stools, abdominal cramps, and improving the overall well-being of the child.
  • Shorten Duration of Diarrhoea: It reduces the duration of diarrhoea episodes allowing children to recover more quickly and resume normal activities.

Precautions and side effects of Racecadotril tablet

  • Allergies: If the child has known allergies or hypersensitivity to racecadotril or any of its ingredients do inform your healthcare provider before administering the medication.
  • Dehydration: While Racecadotril tablet helps in reducing fluid loss associated with diarrhoea it does not replace the need for adequate hydration. Do make sure that the child receives sufficient fluid to prevent dehydration. Oral rehydration solutions are recommended for this purpose.
  • Other Medication: Inform the healthcare provider about any other medications, supplements, or herbal products the child is taking as they might interact with racecadotril 30 mg tablets.
  • Dosage: Follow the prescribed dosage regimen strictly and do not exceed the recommended dose without consulting a healthcare provider.

Side effects:

  • Skin rash
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • General discomfort
  • Headache

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