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Top 10 Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India


Are you in search of choosing a Third Party manufacturing company in India? If yes then you are in the right place as we will help you with the best companies that provide third-party manufacturing services. Third-party manufacturing services or Contract manufacturing services are growing immensely for various reasons. It has many benefits for both manufacturers and associates.

Here we will discuss the most reputed top 10 contract manufacturing companies in India. Third Party Pharma manufacturing is a great option for all Pharma companies. Here is a list of third-party manufacturing pharma companies in India:

1. Plenum Biotech

Plenum Biotech provides best-in-class third-party manufacturing services at affordable prices. Additionally, we offer PCD pharma franchise services for all of our products throughout India. We respond to all queries at a very fast pace and deliver products on time so that it does not interrupt your business. As we provide high-quality products with a wide range that makes us a top third-party manufacturing company in India. The products that are manufactured are under the guidelines of ISO-GMP certification and along with that we provide attractive and reliable packaging. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting products with a broad range of medicines such as tablets, capsules, High-Class Injectables, Ointments, Eye/Nasal/Ear drops, Soft-Gel Capsules, and many more.

2. Saturn Formulations Pvt. Ltd.  

Established in 2012, Saturn Formulations is a leading pharma third party manufacturing company in India. The company is known for delivering high-quality products at affordable prices and manufacturing drugs in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization.

3. LabCorp India Pvt. Ltd. (LIPL)

LIPL is a remarkable pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh, with a mission to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. The company produces a complete range of pharmaceutical products, manufactured according to GMP, WHO, and ISO standards. Founded in Ambala, LIPL has established a strong presence in the highly competitive business environment of today.

4. Green Cross Remedies (GCR)

Green Cross Remedies is a highly reputable third-party pharmaceutical company, specializing in the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as Capsules, Tablets, Dry Syrups, Injections, Ear drops, Eye drops, and more. The company is recognized as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. The primary mission of Green Cross Remedies is to provide healthcare products at affordable prices.

5. Pidolma Healthcare (PH)

Pidolma Healthcare is a renowned company in Pharma and third-Party Manufacturing of Pharma products. They specialize in meeting the needs of Contract Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical sector, which is one of our key areas of focus. Our proficiency in Third-Party Manufacturing has garnered us recognition nationwide and enabled us to maintain a satisfied clientele base. At Pidolma Healthcare, we provide an all-in-one solution to our clients seeking third-party manufacturing or franchise opportunities, to assist them in launching their own brands or companies.

6. Pax Healthcare (PH)  

Established in 2006, this company manufactures its products in a production unit certified by WHO and CMP. The company specializes in producing a range of products, including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, antibiotics, respiratory agents, and more. Some essential points to note about Pax Healthcare include a broad product portfolio and a strong focus on research and development.

7. Medisys Biotech Pvt. Ltd.  

Established in 2005, Medisys Biotech Private Limited is a top pharmaceutical company in India that prides itself on providing high-quality products at competitive prices through innovation, research, and development. The company has the capability for large-scale production of various pharmaceutical products, including capsules, tablets, and protein powder. Medisys Biotech is known for delivering the best quality branded medicines and exporting products worldwide. The services offered by Medisys Biotech include large-scale production, timely delivery, and assured quality.

8. Sunmed Biocare

This Company, ranked among the top third-party pharma manufacturers, is contributing to the well-being of Indian citizens through its wide range of products. Furthermore, the company is expanding its collection of top-quality pharmaceutical medicine formulations in the pharma industry.

9. JM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.  

JM Healthcare Private Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh, was founded in 2010. The company is committed to delivering quality products and services to its customers on time, with the primary goal of providing healthcare products to consumers. Some of the key benefits of JM Healthcare Private Limited include affordable pricing, customer satisfaction, and the use of the latest packaging technology.

10.  Zoic Biotech  

Established in 1990, Zoic Pharmaceutical is a highly reputable third-party manufacturing company in India known for producing 100% pure and natural products. With extensive experience in the industry, the company has become one of the top Pharma third-party manufacturing companies in India, delivering top-quality products to customers.  Zoic Pharmaceutical offers a wide range of products, including Anti Diabetic Capsules, Kidney Stone Medication, Liver Disease Medicine, Ayurvedic Cough Medicine, and many others.

In conclusion

Third-party manufacturing is a popular business model that enables companies to outsource the manufacturing of their products to a third-party manufacturer. This model offers several benefits, including cost savings, increased flexibility, and the ability to focus on other aspects of the business. However, it is essential for companies to choose a reliable third-party manufacturer with a proven track record of quality products to ensure that their products meet the necessary standards and are delivered on time. At Plenum Biotech, we specialize in Research and Development, Production, Supply, and trading of both solid and liquid forms of pharmaceutical formulations. If you’re looking for integrated manufacturing, we are the company to connect with. You can reach us at +91-9815990609, +91-7888398911 or email us at