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Best Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

Plenum Biotech, the leading Third Party manufacturing and Supplier, ISO certified and has more than 20+ product segments manufactured while all the manufacturing plants are WHO and GMP certified. Being the best certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India. We have one stop solution that includes leadership and consultancy on pharma marketing, unique, and innovating packaging, and packing material conception to satisfy all requirements. We provide quality assurance for the entire product range along with clinical trial and lab testing.

Our company is the top leading Pharma third party manufacturing company in India and with the large scale production unit we are capable of delivering the variety of Pharma products to all our valuable clients. As a highly esteemed third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer, we possess the capability to provide an extensive array of products including tablets, capsules, syrups/dry syrups, high-quality injectables, protein powder, face wash, lotions, and numerous other items. Being a leading 3rd party manufacturing Pharma company we make use of the best quality raw material and cutting-edge tools.

We have a team of professionals and experts who are proficient with the industry norms. We are linked with the best distribution network in India, who has helped us to deliver products on time. Along with the quality of products we also ensure the quality packaging of all manufactured products.

Plenum Biotech is a well renowned third party manufacturing company in India involved in R&D, production, supply and trading of the solid and liquid form of pharmaceutical formulations. If you are looking for a manufacturer that is involved in contract manufacturing do contact us now. We also provide customization of products.

What is Third Party Manufacturing?

Third-party manufacturing entails a business arrangement in which a company delegates the production of its goods to an external manufacturer. It takes on the responsibility of manufacturing the products, ensuring quality, and delivering products to the company.

Third Party Manufacturing | Plenum Biotech

What are products Manufactured by Plenum Biotech for Third Party Manufacturing services?

Plenum Biotech has always dedicated itself to bring better quality drug formulations. We have more than 300+ drug formulations catering to the market and therapeutic segment of the pharmaceutical industry. We are constantly in touch with the increasing demand of the consumer that is known for our patient-centric approach, we ensure that all our clients get quality products, durable, 100% effective, reliable, lowest price and safe solutions. We are DCGI approved with the certification of FSSAI. This includes the following range:

  • Tablets: We manufacture tablets of different sizes, shapes, and formulations to cater a wide range of therapeutic needs.
  • Capsules: Both Hard gelatin and Soft gelatin capsules are manufactured and in different types of dosage forms.
  • Syrups: We have the facility to manufacture liquid oral solutions and syrups in different flavors and concentrations.
  • Injections: Our manufacturing capabilities extend sterile injectable products that include vials, ampoules following strict quality and safety standards.
  • Ointments and creams: We manufacture topical medications such as ointments, creams, gels, lotions and more formulated to meet specific requirements.
  • Sachets: We offer production of single dose sachets for oral powders, granules or other formulations.
  • Powders: We produce powdered formulations that are used for renewal, sachets or other applications.
  • Eye and Ear Drops: Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce high quality drops for Ophthalmic and antibiotic applications.

Benefits of Third Party Manufacturing services in India

Plenum Biotech stands as India’s foremost pharmaceutical manufacturing company, producing top-tier products within a GMP-WHO integrated manufacturing facility. There are more than 100+ associates who are connected with us for our manufacturing facilities. We manufacture products on bulk orders that reduce the cost of production and labor. Here are many features of third party manufacturing company:

  • Advanced equipment: We have a manufacturing plant that is approved by GMP-WHO authorities. Also the manufacturing plant is best-in-class with highly advanced and equipped with latest technology.
  • Operational Services: Third Party manufacturing companies offer services including timely delivery, as well as sales and marketing support for products. With third party services clients can focus on core competencies.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Third Party Pharma Manufacturing can be more cost-effective than in house manufacturing, as the company does not have to invest in expensive machinery, technology, or human resources. Also, third party manufacturers generally have better economies of scale that means they can manufacture products at a lower cost.
  • Time Saving: With Third party manufacturer companies can save time as they do not have to invest in building manufacturing facilities, allowing necessary licenses, or hiring and training staff. Companies can focus on other areas of their business such as marketing and sales, while third party manufacturers handle the manufacturing process.
  • Quality assurance: We are specialized in manufacturing products and have the necessary expertise, technology, and quality control system to ensure that the finished product meets the required quality standards. This allows companies to ensure consistent quality in their complete product portfolio.
  • Increased Flexibility: We allow companies to be more flexible in their manufacturing processes, allowing them to quickly adapt to change in demand or introduce new products in the market.
  • Reduced Risk: Outsourcing manufacturing to a Third Party manufacturing pharma company reduces the risk of product recalls, regulatory non-compliance, and other manufacturing related issues. This is due to unconditional interest in ensuring that products are manufactured to meet all the regulatory requirements and quality standards.

What are the advantages you can get by associating with Plenum Biotech for Third Party Manufacturing?

  • High Quality manufacturing adhering to strict quality control measures.
  • Access to advanced facilities and technology for efficient production of products.
  • Cost effective process through Third Party Manufacturing.
  • Faster time to market for all pharmaceutical products.
  • Flexibility in production capacity to cater the needs of the market and clients.
  • Compliance with all regulatory standards along with guidelines.
  • Effective, attractive and customized option available for packaging and labelling.
  • Production by a team of professionals across the product portfolio.
  • Dedicated customer support and collaboration throughout the partnership.

Documentation required for Third Party Manufacturing

Pharma third-party manufacturing is a favored choice for businesses lacking the resources or expertise to produce products independently. However to avail this service, some documentation is required and those are:

  • Drug License: For pharmaceutical product manufacturing, obtaining a valid drug license is imperative. The state drugs control department issues this license.
  • Manufacturing License: A manufacturing license is required to set up a manufacturing facility. This license is generally issued by the central drugs standards control organization (CDSCO).
  • GST (Goods and Service Tax) Registration: As per the government of India’s regulations all businesses must have a GST registration number to operate.
  • Certificate of analysis (COA): This is an essential document which provides information on the quality of product. It includes details such as product composition, purity, and potency.
  • Batch manufacturing record (BMR): It is record of manufacturing process and includes details such as materials used, equipment used and process followed.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs): These are documents which describe the procedures to be followed during the manufacturing process. It ensures consistency and quality in the manufacturing process.

By fulfilling this documentation requirement you can ensure that products are manufactured in compliance with all regulatory guidelines and quality standards. This helps in ensuring safety and efficacy of the products and protects the interests of both manufacturer and the end users.


Third Party manufacturing is a cost-effective and time saving business model which allows companies to focus on other areas of their business while ensuring quality of their products. Plenum Biotech is a leading third party manufacturing company in India which provides high-quality services to pharmaceutical companies. The company provides state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and specialized teams that ensure finished products meet the highest quality standards. If you are looking for third party manufacturing services in India, we are reliable and trustworthy partners. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Third Party manufacturing?

Third Party Manufacturing, also referred to as Contract Manufacturing, is a widely recognized term in the industry. It is a business model where Plenum biotech produces pharmaceutical products for other companies. We handle the manufacturing process, while the other company focuses on their core competencies such as marketing, distribution, and sales.

  • Why Should you Choose Plenum Biotech for Third Party Manufacturing?

Plenum Biotech is the best company to get your product manufactured with highest quality and for a broad range of excellent products.

  • What are the different types of products Plenum Biotech manufactures?

Plenum Biotech manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products that covers various therapeutic segments such as Antibiotics, analgesics, Anti-infective, Cardiovascular, and many more. Our wide range of product portfolio helps in catering different healthcare needs.

  • How does Plenum Biotech ensure Product quality and regulatory compliance?

Plenum Biotech follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure the highest quality standards during manufacturing. Our products undergo rigorous quality control tests, and we comply with all relevant regulatory guidelines and certifications.