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            Company Profile

About us, Plenum Biotech helps entrepreneurs make a mark in pharmaceutical industry by offering Medicine Company Franchise and Cardiac Diabetic Product Franchise at affordable prices. We provide Medicine Company Franchises for every destination in India. Complete support by the experts helps new entrants reap the benefits of the industry. Serious, dedicated, and experienced people are most welcome for sole Marketing and Distribution rights. Besides high-quality medicines and timely delivery of orders, we also ensure our PCD Pharma clients of round-the-clock support and assistance. We ensure the latest product range at affordable prices. Plenum Biotech has installed the latest and most advanced machines to formulate our range as per industrial standards. With a worthy experience, we provide a wide range of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs, These are formulated using superior quality ingredients at the manufacturer’s end. We have an expert team of quality controllers, which is responsible for stringently monitoring complete ongoing business at each and every stage right from the sourcing of products till the final dispatch at the client end Plenum Biotech spread their business at the unrepresented areas through the appointment of new Pharma franchise/Nutraceutical Company Franchise /Pharma distributors / Sole distributors / Cardiac Diabetic Product Franchise/ Medicine Company Franchise. Apart from this, we offer Quality Packaging Of Our Products in laminated and waterproof sealed packets to ensure safe and flawless delivery of products. We follow ethical business policies that assure us to prompt & timely deliver our products at market-leading prices. Due to this, we are able to cater huge client base across the globe

Plenum Biotech is constantly working to ensure access to high-quality, affordable medicines to support patients who are in need. We are a WHO- GMP and ISO 9001: 2012 Certified Pharmaceutical Company with a vast range of Quality driven products. We are an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company that works 24*7 to deliver products safely to your site and keep our associates content. We have established the latest and most advanced machines to formulate our variety according to industrial standards. With a worthy experience, we provide a wide range of Pharmaceutical Bulk tablets. We’ve got a professional crew of quality controllers, which is accountable for closely screening the entire ongoing business at each and every level, right from the production of products to final dispatch to the client. Plenum Biotech spread its business to the unrepresented areas through the appointment of new Pharma franchises/Nutraceutical Franchise /Pharma distributors / sole distributors / Cardiac Diabetic Product Franchises/Medicine Company Franchises. Apart from this, we offer first-class Packaging of our products in laminated and water-resistant sealed packets to ensure secure and flawless transport of products. We comply with ethical business regulations that assure us to prompt & well-timed supply of our products in the marketplace and because of this, we’re able to cater to a massive client base across the globe.

PLENUM BIOTECH is one of India’s largest pharmaceutical company. For the last one decade, the company has developed and manufactured pharmaceutical products in India and marketed and distributed them throughout India. PLENUM BIOTECH is a company focused on innovation and research. The company has a presence in over 45 therapeutic areas and with different segments such as Antibiotics, Beta, Non-Beta, Anti Hypertensive, I.V. Fluids, Gynaecology, Dermatology, ophthalmology, Critical Care, Paediatric, Ayurvedic, Orthopaedic, Cardiac-Diabetic, NSAIDS, Hormones and so on. We have a wide range of sections such as Tablets, Capsules, Softgel Capsules, High-class Injectables, Syrups, Dry Syrups, Creams & ointment, Lotions, Drops, and Sachets.

The R&D facility enhances the competitiveness of research in therapeutic areas with high medical needs.

Business Beliefs

PLENUM BIOTECH is founded on certain beliefs and ethical principles that have made us a leader in the pharmaceutical industry today.

Our Four Pillar of business Beliefs are

Quality: We follow industry quality practices to supply the highest excellent products.

Ethics: We manage our business by adopting best practices of corporate governance and ethics.

Customer Orientation: We strive to understand customer needs and focus on customer satisfaction.

Respect for People: Our Primary belief is Respect People and Their Contributions.

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Our Mission and Vision

Plenum Biotech Pvt Ltd aims to be recognized as a renowned and respected leader in the healthcare industry by continuously providing world-class products across India. Discover, develop, and successfully market medicines to prevent, diagnose, alleviate, and cure disease. We ensure absolute customer satisfaction and services worldwide through state-of-the-art technology based on world-class research and development.

Our vision is to see Plenum biotech become synonymous with good healthcare everywhere. We’re determined to take our powerful and innovative healthcare products to every residence across the globe. Our corporate ethics and core values bring credibility to the pharma enterprise.

Research & Development

PLENUM BIOTECH R&D efficiency plays an important role in its complete business operations because it offers a sustainable, long-time period and competitive benefits. There are robust R&D centers, which are contemplated and designed for the production and improvement of medicine. Further, there are a number of scientists, who’re engaged in numerous path-breaking types of research at regular intervals of time.