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Linagliptin Dapagliflozin | Linazin 5MG Tablets

Linagliptin Dapagliflozin | Linazin 5MG Tablets

Product Description

What is linagliptin Dapagliflozin?

linagliptin dapagliflozin is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is a combination of two antidiabetic drugs.

Dapagliflozin is a drug that helps the kidneys remove excess sugar from the body through urine. As a result, blood sugar levels are lowered, and also helps with weight loss. 

Linagliptin is another drug that helps control blood sugar levels. It blocks enzymes in the body that break down certain hormones that regulate blood sugar. By blocking this enzyme, linagliptin helps keep levels of these hormones high and can lower blood sugar levels.

Using Dapagliflozin 10 mg linagliptin 100 mg together has a stronger effect on Diabetes control than using a single drug and it is absolutely safe to buy linagliptin dapagliflozin at at the most authentic price in India.

Uses of Dapagliflozin & Linagliptin

Dapagliflozin and linagliptin are medicines that help people with type 2 diabetes. Some common uses are:

  • Dapagliflozin is use to lower blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. 
  • It is given when diet and exercise alone are not enough to control blood sugar levels or when other diabetes drugs are ineffective. 
  • Dapagliflozin helps the kidney remove excess sugar from the body through urine and can lower blood sugar levels. 
  • Dapagliflozin also helps with weight loss. 
  • Linagliptin works by blocking enzymes in the body that break down certain hormones involved in regulating blood sugar. 
  • Linagliptin helps lower blood sugar levels by blocking this enzyme. 

dapagliflozin and linagliptin can be prescribed alone or in combination with other medicines, depending on what your healthcare provider thinks is best for you. It’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions and keep track of how well the medicines are working.

Precautions and side effects of Dapagliflozin & Linagliptin

It is important to consider drug side effects and precautions. Precautions and possible side effects of Dapagliflozin 10 mg Linagliptin100 mg are as follows:


  • Dapagliflozin affects the kidneys, so talk to your doctor if you have kidney problems. 
  • Tell your doctor about any history of bladder or yeast infections. 
  • Dapagliflozin can cause dehydration, so it’s important to stay hydrated. 

Side effects:

  • Common side effects include frequent urination, urinary tract infections, and genital yeast infections. 
  • Other possible side effects include low blood sugar(especially when used with other diabetes medications), dizziness, light-headedness, and elevated cholesterol levels. 
  • Seek medical attention if you experience severe allergic reactions, signs of kidney problems, or dehydration. 
  • Common side effects of linagliptin include stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, headache, and joint and muscle pain. 
  • Rarely, severe allergic reactions or pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) can occur. 
  • Seek medical attention if you have severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea or vomiting, or unusual fatigue. 

It’s important to remember that not everyone experiences these side effects and the benefits of these drugs generally outweigh the risks. 

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