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Teicoplanin Injection | Predom 400

Teicoplanin Injection | Predom 400

Teicoplanin Injection | Predom 400

Product Description

What is Teicoplanin 400 mg Injection?

Predom 400 is a brand name for teicoplanin injection is a drug used to treat bacterial infections. It belongs to a class of antibiotics known as glycopeptides. Teicoplanin is primarily active against certain Gram-positive bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and streptococci.

inj teicoplanin 400mg is usually given by intravenous (IV) injection or infusion. It works by interfering with the synthesis of bacterial cell walls, thus inhibiting bacterial growth and spread. This injection is usually prescribed for serious infections such as skin and soft tissue infections, bone and joint infections, respiratory tract infections, and endocarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart) and it is completely safe to buy teicoplanin injection 400 mg from and at an affordable price in India.

Uses of teicoplanin injection

Teicoplanin Injection is used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible micro-organisms. The most common uses are

  • Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: targocid 400 mg injection is used to treat serious skin and soft tissue infections caused by susceptible bacteria, such as cellulitis, abscesses, and infected wounds. 
  • Bone and joint infections: Effective in treating bone and joint infections such as osteomyelitis (bone infection) and septic arthritis (joint infection). 
  • Respiratory Tract Infections: inj teicoplanin 400mg can be used to treat respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and lung abscess caused by susceptible bacteria. 
  • Endocarditis: It is used to treat endocarditis, an infection of the lining of the heart and heart valves. It is commonly caused by bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 
  • Other Infections: Can also be used to treat other infections caused by susceptible microorganisms such as Bloodstream infections (bacteremia), surgical site infections, and infections in immunocompromised patients. 

Precautions and side effects of Teicoplanin 400 mg Injection

teicoplanin injection 400 mg should be used with caution and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Here are some precautions and usages to consider:

  • Allergies: Tell your doctor if you have a known allergy to targocid 400 mg injection or other glycopeptide antibiotics. Allergic reactions range from mild skin rashes to severe reactions that require immediate medical attention. 
  • Renal Function: inj teicoplanin 400mg is primarily cleared from the body by the kidneys. If you have impaired kidney function or are on dialysis, your doctor may need to adjust your dose to prevent drug buildup. 
  • Monitoring: Regular monitoring of kidney function, liver function, and blood counts may be necessary during treatment. This helps ensure that the drug is being properly tolerated and identifies possible side effects. 
  • Bacterial Infections: teicoplanin injection is used to treat various bacterial infections caused by susceptible microorganisms. These include skin and soft tissue infections, bone and joint infections, respiratory tract infections, endocarditis, and other serious infections.
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA): teicoplanin injection 400 mg is particularly effective against MRSA, a type of bacteria that is resistant to many common antibiotics. It is often used to treat infections caused by MRSA. 
  • Nosocomial Infections: Targocid 400 mg injection is commonly used in hospitals to treat infections that occur during hospitalization. This includes infections associated with surgery, intensive care units, and other healthcare facilities. 
  • Resistant Infections: It can be used when other antibiotics have failed or have been ineffective against certain resistant bacteria. It is important to use teicoplanin injection cautiously to prevent the development of further antibiotic resistance. 

It is important to note that the use of teicoplanin injection 400 mg should be under the guidance of a healthcare professional, taking into account the specific infection, causative organism, and individual patient factors. The dosage and duration of treatment depend on the severity and type of infection.

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